Virtual commissioning and the benefits for machine builders

28 February 2019

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Virtual commissioning and the benefits for machine buildersSiemens has produced a short video that introduces the concept of virtual commissioning and shows how machine builders and end users can benefit. In effect, by using a digital twin and conducting virtual commissioning, machine builders can create production-ready machines rather than prototypes that need to be fettled and fine-tuned.

During the development of a machine, there are many risks that can jeopardise the ability to introduce the machine into production on schedule. So why wait until the final assembly to begin verification of the machine?

Virtual commissioning makes it possible to conduct machine commissioning tests early in the design and development phase, before costly components have been ordered or metal has been cut. 'What-if' scenarios can be tested using the digital twin, with no risks needing to be taken; the engineering error quota is therefore reduced and the security validated, all long before the real machine exists.

Furthermore, the time required for commissioning the actual machine can be substantially reduced - by up to 70 per cent - thereby minimising the need for physical prototypes and significantly reducing the time-to-market for production machines.

Follow the link to watch a more in-depth video with further explanations about virtual commissioning and the benefits for machine builders and end users.

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