Process control expertise at the ISPE Europe Annual Conference

21 March 2019

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Process control expertise at the ISPE Europe Annual ConferenceThis year at the ISPE Europe Annual Conference, which is being held in Dublin from 1–4 April 2019, one of the main focus points is going to be Pharma 4.0, its benefits and how it can be implemented. As one of the exhibitors, Bürkert is an expert in fluid control systems and will be on hand to discuss innovations in process control and communications protocols.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing places a great deal of emphasis on precision, reliability and hygiene when assessing process control equipment. The next step is improving the integration of individual components with the wider control infrastructure, which will help to improve efficiency.

Bürkert is a manufacturer and innovator of process control technology, with particular expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. By working in partnership with customers, Bürkert is able to develop state-of-the-art control packages for processes ranging from laboratory applications to industrial-scale production.

Innovative design is one of the hallmarks of Bürkert’s extensive product offering, which includes the FLOWave flowmeter, a product that offers many benefits in terms of accuracy and hygienic design. The latest version of this component is capable of detecting bubbles and solids suspended in the fluid as well as differentiating between fluids, for example when a CIP process ends and normal production resumes.

Another example is a pressure control system for fermenter nitrogen blanketing, an important process for biotec and pharmaceutical industries, amongst others. The design includes a fully sterile, dual bellow control valve with pressure setpoint feedback that is suitable for use in aseptic environments.

In both cases, Bürkert uses its Systembus communication protocol that offers unrestricted flexibility between Bürkert devices and enables integration with established fieldbus and automation systems. In addition to standardised interfaces, such as PROFIBUS, Modbus, TCP and EtherNet/IP, Bürkert has also created a Wi-Fi module that extends the user interface and opens up the possibility of connecting the field device over a Wi-Fi network.

For more information on how Bürkert can help improve process efficiency, system integration or to discuss the latest in control technology, visit Bürkert on table 27 in the exhibition area at the ISPE Europe Annual Conference, or go to

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