How the igus drylin delta robot handles delicate objects

17 April 2019

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How the igus drylin delta robot handles delicate objectsigus has produced an ‘eggs-cellent’ video showing a drylin delta robot in action in the lead-up to Easter. The cost-effective and lightweight modular system can be used for the most delicate of pick-and-place tasks, including collecting Easter eggs.

The three NEMA stepper motors and encoders driving the belt axes ensure a pick rate of at least 60 per minute with a precision of +/-0.5mm. The complete system, which is available directly from stock as a kit or delivered pre-assembled ready to install, now features a calibrating pin for easy positioning at the zero point.

Its maintenance-free belt drive units, lubrication-free link rods, encoders and stepper motors combine to create a lightweight design. The typical ROI period for the drylin delta robot is estimated at just 6 months, which compares favourably to the industry’s rule-of-thumb target of 2 years.

Follow the link to watch the video of the drylin delta robot preparing for Easter. For more information about the drylin delta robot, go to

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