New spherical roller bearings benefit from greater durability

16 July 2019

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New spherical roller bearings benefit from greater durabilitySchaeffler is successively introducing new rolling elements in all 241-series spherical roller bearings in X-life quality with bore diameters of 500mm and above. The new barrel rollers are characterised by their end profiling, an optimised micro-geometry on the ends of the rollers. This enhancement makes them significantly more robust in use.

While spherical roller bearings with non-profiled rollers show material wear due to friction after a short operating time, the edge pressure caused by abrasive material wear is at least 20 per cent lower on bearings with profiled rollers.

The operational reliability and operating life are significantly increased, particularly in mining and processing applications. Schaeffler is setting a new standard for catalogue bearings with its large-size bearings featuring rollers with end profiling.

Profiled rollers offer decisive design advantages compared with rollers without profiling. On profiled rollers, the amount of material on the outside surface of the roller radius is reduced logarithmically. In new condition, profiled rollers are therefore not subject to the risk of edge pressures developing at their ends when under high loads. Under regular operating conditions, edge pressure caused by abrasive material wear occurs significantly later and is at least 20 per cent lower compared with non-profiled rollers. Operating life is increased by up to 15 per cent. The customer benefits from increased operational reliability and machine availability as a result of increased wear resistance.

Their use in roller presses – which are primarily used as grinding mills for cement and raw materials but also find use in the mining industry – offers lots of potential. These applications involve high loads and harsh ambient conditions. There is also a risk of contamination entering the bearing during operation and servicing, for example when bearings are replaced. This in turn leads to increased wear and edge stresses in the rolling contact caused by foreign particles and results in premature material fatigue and a significant reduction in the operating life.

The new bearings featuring rollers with end profiling retain all of their predecessors’ X-life characteristics. These include the optimised internal design with increased load carrying capacity, improved surface quality, and the floating central rib that effectively reduces friction. The option of equipping the bearings with seals that do not affect the design envelope, also remains unchanged.

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