Pryor to make its mark at EMO Hannover, Hall 11, Stand B03

07 August 2019

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Pryor to make its mark at EMO Hannover, Hall 11, Stand B03Pryor Marking Technology is to showcase its extensive range of innovative and efficient marking products as it returns once again to EMO Hannover in September.

At its largest-ever stand at the show, Pryor will highlight its one-stop-shop approach to industrial permanent marking. It is able to supply dot peen, laser or scribe marking technologies, each of which can be tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

Pryor will demonstrate a version of its Aerospace Rotative Marking Cell, which has been designed for the rapid and highly precise marking of large cylindrical aerospace components. Such parts may require 15 or more marks to be made at various points to positional tolerances of 0.1mm, which is impossible to do by hand.

The Aerospace Rotatives Marking Cell comprises an ABB robot, a rotary table, a full marking head and a vision system. A large part is moved into the cell, loaded onto the rotary table and clamped into place. An operator scans the part’s unique ID, which calls up a programme with marking instructions. These are carried out by the robot-mounted marking head. The whole process is controlled by Pryor’s software, which is linked to the manufacturer’s plant manufacturing system to ensure the correct data is applied. Pryor’s vision system helps to validate and verify all marks.

Furthermore, Pryor will show its Portable Laser Marker, which can be used to carry-out high-speed, permanent laser engraving on large, immobile metal objects. In a recent project, the hand-held device was shown to be able to clearly and precisely engrave 90 names every 50 seconds, with each letter measuring just 0.8mm in height. As laser marking is a non-contact technology, it does not create any stress points or deformation within the material to which it is being applied.

Pryor will also show: a large, high-power floor-standing laser workstation; a full line-up of dot marking machines, from compact hand-held units to the highly flexible marking trolleys for the 4-axis marking of large parts; and its CNC marking tool.

From its headquarters in Sheffield, Pryor now manages subsidiaries, joint ventures and distributors on five continents and in over 60 countries. Alastair Morris, Sales Director at Pryor says: “We have reshored all of our production operations since the last edition of EMO, meaning that all of our technologies are now designed and manufactured in the UK.”

EMO Hannover 2019 takes place on 16 to 21 September 2019 in Germany. Pryor will be exhibiting in Hall 11, Stand B03. For more information, go to

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