NSK Click!Speedy simplifies specification of linear guides

07 August 2019

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NSK Click!Speedy simplifies specification of linear guidesMachine builders can now access a useful Click!Speedy online tool from NSK to create customised linear guides in a fast and easy-to-use format. The Click!Speedy linear guide design tool is capable of producing bespoke items based on specifications such as type, size, length, seals, lubricant and lubrication unit. In each case, the part number, data sheet, PDF drawing and CAD data of the customised linear guide are provided by download link or email.

Time-to-market is of the essence in today's industrial machinery sector. If a customised linear guide is required, the protracted effort involved can often delay a project's progress. With this thought in mind, NSK created Click!Speedy, which facilitates the custom design of all the company's random-matching linear guide series (normal and precision grade NH/NS/LW/RA/PU/PE).

Aside from its design attributes, Click!Speedy users can request the price, delivery and purchase information of their custom item through the NSK sales office or distributor network using the part number created by the system.

Three primary functions are available to start the process. By selecting 'equivalent model', users can cross-reference competitor part numbers with those of NSK. A table is shown comparing specifications. Alternatively, users can opt for 'model selection' where custom designs can be created from existing NSK series linear guides. Lastly, 'input NSK model number' can be chosen, where it is possible to import specification/CAD data based on existing NSK part numbers. Although designed with ease-of-use in mind, any users needing assistance are able to download a full 'operation manual' in PDF format at the click of a button.

NSK's quality and precision linear guides are used across industries including machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, general industrial devices and medical equipment. Both linear ball guide and linear roller guide types according to ISO standards can be offered, each with different accuracy grades, coatings and lubricants to suit the application. In fact, NSK K1 long-term lubrication units can also be made available to ensure maintenance-free operation.

Follow the link to access NSK's new Click!Speedy linear guide design tool.

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