New guide to safe machine access and data security

19 March 2020

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New guide to safe machine access and data securityPilz has a new page on its website to explain the two related topics of safe machine access and data security. Access to machinery must be controlled not only to protect personnel, but also to protect the machinery and production process from unauthorised interference. Even if a machine has adequate physical security to protect personnel, it is vital that malicious access via the plant's IT system is also prevented.

The new web page explains and discusses this subject, and there is also a video to illustrate the points being made. Pilz argues that it is best to use a holistic safety concept - one that takes both machinery safety and industrial security into account.

Links from the new web page take visitors to the relevant products that Pilz offers for its holistic safety concept:

  • PITmode fusion for selecting operating modes and managing access permissions
  • Modular safety gate system
  • PNOZmulti 2 compact configurable safety controller
  • SecurityBridge firewall

Follow the link to see the new guide to safe machine access and data security and to find out about the products comprising the holistic safety concept.

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