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Date: 06 June 2007
Editor: Jonathan Severn

A workshop was held in Brussels at the end of May about the revised Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) which will replace the existing one (98/37/EC). Using information from this workshop and other material I have collected I will be producing a guide to the New Machinery Directive which will be available free of charge to readers.

This is likely to become a hot topic as machine builders (in Europe, at least) cannot escape the Machinery Directive and the need for CE marking. We will be highlighting news about this, so keep the website ( as one of your 'favourites' or 'bookmarks'.

The review of the Safexpert 5.4 CE marking software proved to be popular in last month's newsletter, and this month we have an announcement about a safety calculator from Pilz. I hope to be able to review this as well, possibly in time for July's newsletter.


Curved aluminium profiles are functional and aesthetic
MiniTec is now offering CNC bending of aluminium profiles with bend radii as small as 250mm and tolerances of +/-1mm. More?

Seeking innovative applications for optical modules
Heason Technologies believes machine builders could have some novel applications for miniature auto-focus and zoom modules originally developed for mobile phones. More?

Machine vision software operates with laser triangulation
Firstsight Vision is offering a set of tools designed to measure the height of objects in machine vision applications by using laser beam triangulation. More?

Safety calculator for EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061
Pilz is introducing PAScal, a software package for performing the safety calculations required by EN ISO 13849-1 or EN IEC 62061. More?

Direct-drive linear motor achieves 25g acceleration
The new STB11 linear actuator from Copley Motion Systems combines a small form-factor with exceptional performance and high reliability. More?


BARA Machine Safety Conference
BARA is organising a Machine Safety Conference at Bletchley Park on 21 June, with presentations from the HSE and industry experts. More?

Profibus International User Conference 2007
This two-day event, which covers the latest developments in Profibus, Profinet and Profisafe technology for factory and process automation, is taking place on 26 and 27 June at Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire. More?


Free guide to 3-phase AC drives and Ethernet Powerlink
Baldor's Ethernet-compatible three-phase drives have much to offer builders of high-power machinery, whether the drives are standalone or synchronised. More?

Tig torches have welding current controls in the handle
ESAB is launching the TXH range of Tig torches that have convenient buttons located on the handle for controlling welding current. More?

Linear guides offer higher speed and longer life
Without resorting to hybrid ceramic rolling elements, Schaeffler has developed linear guides that offer 10m/s speed and 30 per cent longer life. More?

Check valves can be rapidly dismantled for servicing
Lee Products is introducing a new range of check valves, available with or without a Hi-Bar safety screen, that can be rapidly disassembled for field servicing. More?

Harwin introduces customised PCB pin headers
If you need to make an awkward connection to a PCB, Harwin's ability to manufacture custom pin headers may be just what you need. More?

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