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Date: 02 May 2007
Editor: Jonathan Severn

First of all, thank you for the positive feedback following last month's newsletter, I am glad to hear that you like the style and format. And, judging by the number of click-thrus, the content was popular too!

Machine builders (in Europe, at least) cannot escape the Machinery Directive and the need for CE marking. This is likely to become a hot topic as the time approaches for the revised Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) to replace the existing one (98/37/EC). I will be taking part in a workshop in Brussels at the end of May to find out more about the new Directive, and I will report back in next month's newsletter. Meanwhile, if you are interested in attending the workshop, there is some information here.

Still on the subject of CE marking, various software packages are available to help with the process, one of which is Safexpert, from IBF (read my review of Safexpert 5.4). Interestingly, the latest release enables users to work with the new EN 13849-1 standard, which is superseding EN 954-1. For many machine builders, especially those using programmable safety-related control systems, this will be a major benefit.


Actuator delivers benefits of electronics and pneumatics
SMAC is launching a device that has the speed, accuracy and repeatability of an electronic actuator, but with the force capability of pneumatics. More?

New HTR rack-and-pinion hydraulic rotary actuators
Parker Hannifin's HTR actuators are extremely robust. They are offered with a choice of operating stroke (90-360 degrees) and optional cushioning. More?

Crouzet launches Millenium 3 logic controllers
The third-generation Millenium logic controllers have up to 50 I/O, wired or wireless communications, and come with or without a display. More?

Alpha IQ planetary gearheads include sensing technology
Micromech is introducing the Alpha IQ range of gearboxes that monitor themselves and transmit data (torques, forces, speed or temperature) over an RS232 link. More?

Online shop enables machine builders to buy custom parts
Misumi's website enables users to configure standard/customised parts, download CAD files for those parts, and place orders. More?


ASi-Tech 2007
This one-day seminar covers all aspects of AS-Interface and will take place on 22 May at Old Trafford, Manchester. More?

BARA Machine Safety Conference
BARA is organising a Machine Safety Conference at Bletchley Park on 21 June, with presentations from the HSE and industry experts. More?


Low-cost, non-contact torque transducers
TorqSense transducers are low-cost, non-contact devices for applications such as condition monitoring, motor control, and viscosity measurement. More?

Guide to machine guarding standards
Procter Machine Guarding has published a new version of its popular guide to guarding standards. And it won't cost you a penny! More?

Measurement and Automation Catalogue 2007
National Instruments lists over 1000 hardware and software products in its catalogue, including LabVIEW, modular hardware, and M Series data acquisition devices. More?

Miniature DGSL slide incorporates pneumatic cylinder
Festo's DGSL mini slide features a guide unit that forms the body in which a pneumatic actuator is installed. Benefits are improved smoothness, accuracy and robustness. More?

Ensemble gives deterministic networking for up to ten axes
Aerotech's Ensemble CP/MP/CL intelligent drives offer deterministic high-speed networking for up to ten axes using brushed/brushless servos or stepper motors. More?

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