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Date: 05 September 2007
Editor: Jonathan Severn

Machine builders often have a need for conveyors, perhaps to feed components from hoppers to assembly cells, transfer sub-assemblies between processes, or to output finished products. Indeed, conveyors can be described as the lowest level of automation, in that they move items from A to B without the need for human intervention.

Over the last few weeks has received numerous announcements relating to conveyors - from low-back-pressure units and ultra-quiet slat conveyors to self-cleaning drive rollers - all of which can be found via the Conveyors section of our Directory . However, I have highlighted one story below because the supplier believes it now offers one of the best ranges in the UK, including conveyors for niche applications often shunned by other suppliers.


Dorner conveyors now available from Automation Supplies
Dorner manufacturers a comprehensive range of conveyors, many of which incorporate innovations that simplify installation and maintenance. More?

Drives incorporate Powerlink Safety and SafeLOGIC
B&R's ACOPOS drives benefit from a number of advanced EN 954-1 Category 3 safety functions in addition to the usual safe stop. More?

Rotary actuator includes servo motor, amp and position control
Inmoco is introducing the Exlar Tritex three-in-one actuator that eliminates the cost and complexity associated with traditional servo systems. More?

Variable frequency drives are easier to install
Allen-Bradley's compact PowerFlex 4M AC drives mount on DIN rail and can be configured via an RS485 link, thereby saving time during installation. More?

Handbook covers couplings and line shafts
Tandler Precision is offering copies of 'Precision Couplings and Line Shafts', a handbook for designers. More?


Machine Building exhibition 2008
The Machine Building, Drives & Automation exhibition, now organised by Canon Communications, will take place at the NEC on 13-14 February 2008. More?

Seminars explain management of new product development
Three leading consultancies are joining forces this month to present seminars explaining how to profit from new product development programmes. More?


Modular, multi-functional safety controller
For machines requiring more than a handful of safety relays, the PNOZmulti modular safety controller is likely to prove very cost-effective. More?

Low-cost draw wire sensors for machine builders and OEMs
Micro-Epsilon's MK77 draw wire sensors have a measuring range of 2100mm, a resolution of 0.5mm and a remarkably low price. More?

LabVIEW 8.5 includes deterministic, real-time multithreading
The new version of LabVIEW offers advantages for designers of industrial machines, robotics, mechatronic systems and industrial control systems. More?

New range of load/force sensors for UK machine builders
Sensor-Technik has a broad range of load/force sensors. If required, these can be supplied as complete mechanical assemblies with readouts. More?

Hawco Quick Pick shortform catalogue contains 700+ products
This includes: relays, thermostats, switches, heaters, fans, heat sinks, sensors, controllers, timers, counters, lamps, circuit breakers, bimetallic elements, etc. More?

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