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Date: 02 July 2008
Editor: Jonathan Severn

One of the most popular pages on is the online guide to machine risk assessment . A new addition to this is a review of ISO/TR 14121-2:2007 'Safety of machinery – Risk assessment – Part 2: Practical guidance and examples of methods.' The review concludes that ISO/TR 14121-2 will be useful for many machine builders, though not necessarily for all.

Still on the subject of machinery safety, Pilz has released a new version of its software tool for performing the calculations necessary for designing safety-related control systems in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061. More information about this can be found further down the newsletter.

In closing, those of you who have been following the discussion about EN ISO 13849-1 and safety-related mechanical components may be interested to read the initial view from the HSE .


Novel linear actuator is virtually flat when retracted
Kataka is launching a 'segmented spindle' actuator that can, depending on the model, extend to 400mm, retract to a length of 50mm and exert a thrust of 2000N. More?

Compact, cost-effective PLC incorporates HMI
IMO’s i3 controller reduces equipment costs and saves time by integrating PLC and HMI functions (and a lot more) in one easy-to-mount unit. More?

Spring-loaded pin hinges provide easy, quick access
Spring-loaded pin hinges can be far more convenient than conventional hinges and fasteners on access panels that need to be removed quickly. More?

Book explains direct part marking and traceability
Sick is publishing a 120-page book that explains direct part marking and traceability. Follow the link to order a complimentary copy. More?

Modular belt-driven slides are easy to integrate
New Item internally-guided belt-driven linear slides are available in lengths up to 6m and are capable of 10m/s maximum speed. More?


New qualification in machinery safety is first of its kind
Laidler Associates is announcing a new University Certificate in Professional Development in Machinery Safety. More?

BARA's Midlands Machinery Safety Conference
BARA is organising a Machinery Safety Conference on 30 September to provide an overview of machinery safety standards and technologies. More?


High-performance servo systems can be configured in minutes
Festo is launching new high-specification servo controllers and motors that offer a number of advantages, including very rapid configuration using PC software. More?

Low-cost test chambers simulate weather conditions
This range of small, low-cost test chambers from Unitemp enables all weathering parameters to be both simulated and controlled. More?

White paper: high-performance motion control
Moog's white paper assesses the trend away from defining motion control in terms of individual products and technologies towards a solutions-based approach. More?

James Walker buys Devol's polymer expertise
James Walker's customers now have direct access to Devol's specialist polymer processing, casting, machining and injection moulding services. More?

New version of safety calculator for machine control systems
PAScal v1.2.0 aids compliance with EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061, plus it helps to save both time and costs. More?

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