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Editor: Jonathan Severn
03 September 2008

Engineering bodges stir a variety of emotions. Depending on the circumstances and the nature of the bodgery, a bodge might be viewed as an expedient way of solving a problem with limited time, tools and materials, or it might be deemed an inadequate and potentially dangerous shortcut.

A good illustration of this can be found in Robert M Pirsig's book 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' in which part of a drinks can is used as a shim. On a personal note, I recall being taught a bodge almost 20 years ago while working as a machine builder: by hitting a ball bearing with a hammer, a dowel hole can be burred just enough to hold a dowel in place during assembly.

I can think of several other bodges involving the likes of permanent marker pens, foil-wrapped fuses and, of course, hammers. If there is sufficient interest among readers, I might be persuaded to create a page on the website dedicated to the art of bodging (strictly for entertainment, not education, you understand).


Following its purchase of EMD Drive Systems, Parvalux Electric Motors says it is now the UK's largest manufacturer of small electric geared motors. More?


Updated guidance lists new machine guarding standards
There have been some important changes to machine guarding standards over the last 12 months, as shown in Procter's latest guidance document. More?

LabVIEW 8.6 improves parallel programming performance
LabVIEW 8.6 features new tools to help users make the most of multicore processors, field-programmable gate arrays and wireless communications. More?

Sensors measure up to 30 displacements simultaneously
Non-contact MTS Temposonics sensors can now measure up to 30 positions along a common axis using multiple magnets and a single sensor. More?

Stepper units incorporate motion control and encoder functions
Trinamic's new PANdrive PD-140-42-SE units comprise a 42mm stepper motor, motion controller and sensOstep encoder. More?

Two-wire proximity sensors cut time and costs
Easy and quick to connect, with one-third less copper cable than comparable three-wire sensors, these devices are economical to buy and install. More?


BARA Machine Safety Conference, 30 September
There are only a few places left for BARA's Machinery Safety Conference in Bletchley Park. It will cover machinery safety standards and technologies. More?

Seminar explains benefits of 3D vision for automation
This half-day event on 10 September explains how 3D vision can improve quality, increase throughput and reduce costs. More?


Mitsubishi D700 inverters replace S500 & E500 series
These drives set a new standard for price and performance in a micro package, for anything from pump applications to high-torque machines. More?

New brochure outlines 'Energy saving solutions'
This publication analyses ways to increase the energy efficiency of industrial drives and provides guidelines on how to implement various measures. More?

Handheld monitor simplifies vibration detection
Schaeffler's FAG Detector III vibration monitoring and balancing device makes condition monitoring accessible to engineers and technicians of all skill levels. More?

Servo amplifier with slot for extra safety functions
These brushless servo motors feature a separate rotor and stator, large diameter-to-length ratio, and continuous stall torques from 3Nm to over 2000Nm. More?

Megaflux thin-ring motors now available from Heason
MiniTec now offers a wider range of belt and roller conveyor components as part of its Profile System modular machine framing system. More?

Edinburgh Instruments offers low-cost gas monitors
Standard and customised Guardian gas monitors provide accurate continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations. More?

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