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Editor: Jonathan Severn
5th August 2009

Last month's newsletter contained an item about to how the new Machinery Directive affects companies outside the European Economic Area. Further clarification of the situation has been provided by consultants at Conformance in this article about how non-EU manufacturers can comply with the new Machinery Directive.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the Machinery Directive Working Group took place in Brussels on 7-8 July and the UK's BIS (Department for Business, Innovation & Skills) report on this can be downloaded from (64kB). Two points in particular are worth highlighting here. First, the official guidance on the new Directive is expected to be available by early December and, second, the withdrawal of EN 954 might be delayed. The transition from EN 954 to EN 13849 is not linked directly to the introduction of the new Machinery Directive, but the timing is similar and EN 954 was discussed by the Machinery Directive Working Group. It has been suggested that EN 954 might continue to be accepted while it is still referenced by harmonised standards - for a period of perhaps three or five years. While the European Commission was very receptive to this idea, it is likely that a move to extend the life of EN 954 will face strong resistance from some quarters.

Keep an eye on for further news about the Machinery Directive and safety standards.


Smart camera features higher-resolution sensor
With a 1600 x 1200 @ 15fps 1/1.8inch monochrome CCD sensor, the Matrox Iris GT1900 suits applications such as reading multiple 2D codes. More?

Peristaltic pumphead is advanced yet cost-effective
Smart, safe and small, Watson-Marlow's new 114 pumphead benefits from rugged construction, chemical resistance and competitive pricing. More?

Aluminium profile machine frames - a new reference book
MiniTec UK is offering a 72-page reference book on machine framing system design and applications, 'Profile Systems for Mechanical Engineering.' More?

Component palletising systems can be customised
IEF Werner's palletiser and depalletiser systems are designed for transferring components from and to assembly lines at a rate of 30 or more items per minute. More?

WEG launches IP54 CFW-11 variable-frequency inverters
WEG is adding IP54 variants to its CFW-11 family of versatile, high-performance, plug-and-play inverter drives. More?


Fastening & Assembly Solutions - October 2009
This autumn's show will have a particular emphasis on adhesives as well as an extensive variety of fastening and joining products and technologies. More?

Machinery Innovations Demonstrations at PPMA show
Machinery Innovations Demonstrations will be a new feature at the PPMA Show 2009, which takes place from 29 September to 1 October. More?


Mini version of PNOZmulti configurable control system
Available imminently is a 45mm wide version of the Pilz PNOZmulti controller for applications with three or more safety functions. More?

Unusual compressed air applications shown on DVD
Atlas Copco is distributing a DVD containing mini-films showing how compressor and related technologies have solved problems in different industries. More?

Non-contact torque sensor is easy to mount
Sensor Technology's latest TorqSense non-contact torque measuring system features an integral sprocket or pulley that simplifies installation. More?

Stock spring catalogue contains over 16,000 spring types
Lee Spring's 2009 catalogue contains hundreds of new products, including springs for batteries, wave springs, constant-force springs and stainless steel springs. More?

New Phoenix Contact products available first from RS
Phoenix Contact's new Contactron motor manager units, Quint power supplies and PSR-Trisafe configurable safety modules are now available from RS Components. More?


Robotic hand is driven by electric linear actuators
A robotic hand utilises six Thomson electric linear actuators so the fingers and thumb can grip objects ranging from a sheet of paper to a cup. More?


A new Dilbert cartoon on every day
Dilbert, Wally, the Pointy-Haired Boss and other characters will help to brighten your day, Monday through Saturday, on More?

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