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Editor: Jonathan Severn
4th February 2009

Depending on the nature of the machine and the hazards it presents, engineers can choose which of two machinery safety standards to use, namely EN IEC 62061 or EN ISO 13849-1. For the time being, EN 954-1 (which EN ISO 13849-1 is replacing) remains current as well, offering some machine builders an 'easier' route to designing safety-related control systems. However, this option comes to an end in November of this year.

If you are still working with EN 954-1, you may well need to attend a training course to learn how to apply the more complex EN IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1 standards.

Training is available from Sick (see the Events section below) and Pilz, plus Laidler Associates is running a course that leads to a University Certificate in Machinery Safety (see the Events section below). But if you know of any other organisations offering training in EN IEC 62061 or EN ISO 13849-1, please email


Linear motor modules are easier to integrate
Copley is launching high-performance modules comprising a ServoTube linear motor, guidance bearing, cable management and optional encoder. More?

Balluff BOS 50K optical sensor is 'best in class'
With a measuring range of 200-2000mm and an 'unmatched' grey value shift, this new diffuse optical sensor is claimed to be the best in its class. More?

Customisable PCB housings mount directly on DIN-rail
Hylec-APL now supplies modular and cut-to-length PCB housings that mount on DIN-rail, plus the company offers a full customisation service. More?

Strain gauge displacement transducers offer benefits over LVDTs
Virtually frictionless, these new transducers are available with strokes from 0-5mm to 0-100mm and are said to be more consistent and accurate than LVDTs. More?

Integrated stepper motor out-performs servo motors
Compared with servos, the STM23 integrated stepper motor is smaller and less expensive, yet it can perform better in many applications. More?


Green Manufacturing Conference programme announced
Alongside the Machine Building show is the Green Manufacturing Conference, with plenty of sessions that will be of interest to machine builders. More?

Sick Safety Standards Workshops in February
Sick is running workshops that explain EN IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1, the core standards for machinery safety-related control systems. More?

Course dates for University Certificate in Machinery Safety
Laidler Associates and the University of Teesside are organising the first University Certificate in Professional Development in Machinery Safety. More?


Rapid delivery of high-efficiency gearboxes and gearmotors
Baldor is now able to deliver custom-configured Dodge Quantis high-efficiency gearboxes and gearmotors to UK customers within days. More?

SieiDrive micro AC inverter drives are multifunctional
Satisfying all voltage/frequency and sensorless vector applications in the sub-15HP range, these drives offer an excellent price/performance ratio. More?

Is your compressed air system wasting energy and money?
Find out how to inspect your compressed air installation or request a Health Check from an Atlas Copco Compressors engineer. More?

New low-cost integrated pressure transducers
Inertial Aerosystems is introducing low-cost, high-accuracy, board-based integrated pressure transducers in an industry-standard format. More?

Helping machine builders to cut time, cost and risk
Bosch Rexroth is launching a new automation strategy to support small and medium-sized machine builders and system integrators in the UK. More?


Fluidic muscles give robot smooth, lifelike motion
Take a look at this fascinating picture of a humanoid robot arm in which a 'fluidic muscle' pneumatic actuator is installed. More?

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