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Editor: Jonathan Severn
7th October 2009

If you saw our Newsflashes on 15 and 29 September you will be aware of the situation regarding EN 954-1. For the benefit of readers who did not see the Newsflashes, I will summarise by saying that CEN (the European Committee for Standardization) first announced that EN 954-1 would NOT be withdrawn at the end of 2009, which would have enabled machine builders to use this standard to claim a presumption of conformity to the new Machinery Directive for an additional three years until the end of 2012. Within a matter of days, however, this decision had been reversed, and the situation currently is that EN 954-1 will be withdrawn at the end of 2009 as originally planned.

The EC machinery Working Group is due to meet in early December, at which point a final decision will be made. Depending on the views expressed to the Working Group by industry experts currently being consulted, and the decision made on 7 or 8 December, it remains possible that EN 954-1 will once again be reprieved or there could even be a partial reprieve - perhaps enabling machine builders to work with the Type C standards that still reference EN 954-1 rather than EN ISO 13849-1.

There is more about this subject and some of the background behind it on the website. If there are any further developments, we will keep you informed via the monthly email newsletter or further Newsflashes as appropriate.

Finally, note that the UK's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has now published its guidance on The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, which implement the new Machinery Directive in the UK and come into force on 29 December.


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Torque tool calibration system also monitors assembly
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Threaded inserts and other fasteners on show
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Managing Risk and Performance Workshops
Mitsubishi is organising workshops to prepare machine builders for the new Machinery Directive and help them optimise designs so as to reduce costs. More?


Catalogue of MiniTec conveyors and components
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IP20 decentralised I/O modules - Pilz to supply BMW
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Sure-Flex elastomeric shaft couplings need no maintenance
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Guidance through the uncertainty surrounding EN 954-1
Laidler Associates can provide unbiased advice and, where required, support for engineers working to EN 954-1 or EN ISO 13849-1. More?


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