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Editor: Jonathan Severn
4th August 2010

During the last month I have got closer to machinery risk assessments than I normally would, which prompted me to update the page on that provides useful resources for people undertaking risk assessments. See the 'Site highlight' item below.

Moving on from risk assessment to the design of safety-related control systems, this month's newsletter contains two items of interest. In the 'Events' section below you will see that CEN, CENELEC and the EC are jointly organising a symposium to bring standard writers face-to-face with standard users, with the aim of solving some of the problems encountered when applying the functional safety standards and transitioning from EN 954 to EN ISO 13849.

There is also a new guidance document for users of ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061 (see the first item in the 'Editor's choice' section below). If you read the full story, you will see that this is also another small step towards the two standards being merged.


iecIEC/TR 62061-1 guidance: application of ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061
IEC and ISO have developed a Technical Report IEC/TR 62061-1 that provides guidance on the design of safety-related control systems for machinery.More?

niLabVIEW 2010 executes code faster and gains new functions
Thanks to the use of off-the-shelf compiler technologies, LabVIEW 2010 executes code 20 per cent faster on average. More?

sickPin-Point LED sensors offer similar performance to laser devices
Based on a new design of LED that increases the light spot intensity, Sick's Pin-Point optical sensors perform significantly better. More?

redlEthernet expansion card adds second port to HMIs
This card extends the functionality of Red Lion's G3 HMIs, which already feature data logging, remote monitoring, serial communications and protocol conversion. More?

hartFast Track Switching for deterministic Industrial Ethernet
Harting says its new Ha-VIS FTS 3100s-A industrial Ethernet switch satisfies most performance and determinism requirements in automation applications. More?


euEU Symposium: Safety of control systems for machinery
This will bring together writers and users of standards to find solutions to the problems encountered when applying functional safety standards to 'real' machines. More?

hslMachinery safety training courses from the HSL, part of the HSE
These courses cover machinery safety basics, risk assessments, designing and selecting safe machinery, and designing and specifying safety-related controls. More?


pilzSafety unit includes interlock, monitoring and control functions
The PSENsgate safety gate system from Pilz combines guard monitoring, locking, control and other functions in a compact, high-integrity unit. More?

fstoPrecision electric linear actuators delivered in 24 hours
Festo's EGSK and EGSP ultra-compact electric linear actuators are offered with a wide choice of specifications, popular models being available for immediate despatch. More?

leeBantam Mini compression springs made from Elgiloy
Lee Spring's corrosion-resistant Bantam springs use Elgiloy wire of 0.102mm diameter, with standard outside diameters of 0.635mm, 1.016mm or 1.448mm. More?

seteComplete CANbus systems from concept to delivery
Sensor-Technik can create complete CANbus systems, including concept design, component specification, prototyping and manufacture. More?

moteCompact, IP68, GEL 2477 speed sensor with integral amplifier
Motor Technology is now supplying the Lenord + Bauer GEL 2477 high-resolution, two-channel speed sensor with integral pulse amplifier. More?


Risk assessments
There are around 75 pages on that mention machinery risk assessments, but there is one that focuses just on this subject. It includes links to other pages, resources and sources of further information, so is well worth a look. More?


Dogbert, the empire consultant, says:
"Inefficiency is the same thing as leadership. A king needs an entire country just to wipe his…" (See the Dilbert cartoon from 3 August for the answer.) More?

Jonathan Severn

Andrew Turner
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