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Editor: Jonathan Severn
7th July 2010

Did you know that if you simply connect two machines so they function together you are creating an 'assembly of machinery'? Moreover, there is an international standard that covers this, namely ISO 11161, and the assembly must be CE marked as an 'integrated whole' if it is to be placed on the market in Europe. This requirement to CE mark assemblies of machinery was highlighted by the HSE's Phil Papard when he spoke at last month's Drives and Controls seminar.

In this issue of the newsletter we have a technical article that discusses ISO 11161 - which is harmonised to the Machinery Directive as EN ISO 11161 – and I commend it to all machine builders and system integrators, as well as people purchasing, installing, modifying or upgrading machinery.

If you supply machinery in Europe, you will also be interested to read about the new edition of the official guidance on the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The first edition did not cover all annexes of the directive, but the new edition does. It also corrects some errors contained in the first edition. See below for more information about this and ISO 11161.


trioIndependent, standalone EtherCAT master for motion control
Trio Motion Technology's new master module enables the MC464 Motion Coordinator to control up to 64 EtherCAT-compatible axes.More?

schnCompact Altivar ATV32 drives benefit from Bluetooth link
Schneider Electric's next-generation compact variable-speed drives feature a Bluetooth link so they can be accessed from outside the control cabinet. More?

rockNew Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix safety controllers
Rockwell's Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix programmable controllers handle automation, motion and safety on medium-sized applications. More?

mayrROBA-topstop safety brake is easy to integrate
Mayr is launching the ROBA-topstop safety brake for gravity-loaded axes, with diverse redundancy and integrated monitoring of the braking function. More?

igusspeedigus custom moulded plain bearings shipped in 24 hours
A new service from igus provides rapid custom moulded plain bearings and other components in iglidur bearing materials or an igumid structural polymer. More?

hwinHigh-reliability connectors now available with fibre-optics
Harwin Datamate high-reliability connectors are now available with two fibre-optic contacts in addition to two power and four signal contacts. More?


isoEN ISO 11161 - Safe design of Integrated Manufacturing Systems
This article introduces the international standard for assemblies of machinery, outlines its contents and explains how it relates to other standards. More?

ceRevised guidance on application of the Machinery Directive
A new edition of the European Commission's detailed guidance on the Machinery Directive now includes information about Annexes III to XI. More?


inaeHigh-reliability thermal switches for Mil-spec applications
ETL Inertial Aerosystems is now supplying Honeywell's high-reliability yet affordable 100 series thermal switches for terrestrial applications. More?

pilzNew Safety Compendium - a Pilz book on functional safety
This book explains machinery safety standards, laws in different regions of the world, and technologies for implementing functional safety on machinery. More?

miepMagneto-inductive displacement sensors feature low thermal drift
Micro-Epsilon's new mainSENSORs are compact, robust and economical, with excellent resolution and temperature stability, and a choice of outputs. More?

edinEdinburgh Instruments unveils low-cost gas monitors
Guardian wall-mounted infrared gas monitors give accurate continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations. More?

chamNew Nichesensor low- and ultra-low-pressure transmitters
Chamois Metrology in partnership with Nichesensor are introducing a new range of low- and ultra-low-pressure transmitters with a choice of outputs and housings. More?


Application stories
We now have hundreds of these on, both in the index of current stories and in the archive. Taking a few minutes to browse through the summaries - and read more about relevant stories - could give you some ideas for how to solve a particular problem.


A new Dilbert cartoon strip every day
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