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Editor: Jonathan Severn
3rd November 2010

Rarely does something from the world of machine building find its way into the mainstream press, but the Stuxnet Trojan has achieved that feat. Much has been written about the way it is a highly focussed and well-written piece of code that targets Microsoft Windows PCs with WinCC and PCS 7 - and if that includes equipment you or your customers have on site, here is a link to the relevant support page on the Siemens website. Bear in mind, however, that the general threat from malware on industrial control systems extends much wider.

No doubt there are, as you are reading this, people frantically rewriting functional requirements specifications for new machines, adding clauses relating to cyber security. Specifiers and buyers are starting to place as much emphasis on cyber security as they do on factors such as throughput, reliability, quality and safety. After all, the direct and indirect costs of a malware-induced incident could be just as substantial, whereas the cost of taking appropriate preventative action is comparatively small.

For more information on this subject, see the link above, the first item below and this article from Norman Data Defence Systems about SCADA system security.


byresStuxnet: prevention/mitigation White Paper updated
Byres Security has produced a new edition of its White Paper "Analysis of the Siemens WinCC / PCS7 'Stuxnet' Malware for Industrial Control System Professionals." More?

bkHand-held sound intensity system measures to IEC 61043
Bruel & Kjaer's new Type 2270-G hand-held sound intensity system enables machine builders to measure noise emissions quickly and easily. More?

vohmCelesco SP3 string pot sensor is low-cost, rugged and versatile
Variohm is introducing the SP3 position sensor that features a plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer with both 4-20mA and 0-10V DC outputs. More?

pjPower Jacks C-series screw jacks are configured to order
Power Jacks is launching the compact and highly versatile cubic C-Series screw jacks that are available in around 140 million standard configurations. More?

astroCompact stepper motor driver mounts on the rear of the motor
Astrosyn International Technology is launching a miniature bipolar driver for fitting to stepper motors, which reduces the need for cabling and cabinet space. More?


tridSensors & Systems - for Control & Instrumentation - a new show!
Sensors & Systems is a new show embracing control and instrumentation, test and measurement, calibration, data acquisition and analysis. More?

baraBARA Machine Safety Conference 2010
If you are quick there may still be a few places available for this worthwhile event, which takes place in Milton Keynes on 9 November. More?


pilzMachine guard switches - a wider range from Pilz
Pilz has increased its comprehensive range of safety switches, introducing rope-operated switches and integrated units for gate monitoring, locking and control. More?

festoShort-stroke electric cylinders are fast and controllable
Festo's new short-stroke (15-45 mm) electric cylinders use a patented linear motor and end-position controller to provide exceptional dynamic performance. More?

edinstLow-cost gas sensor features improved communications
Edinburgh Instruments' Gascard gas sensor benefits from onboard RS232 and optional TCP/IP comms, as well as temperature and pressure compensation. More?

stemMonochrome and colour smart cameras gain higher resolution
Stemmer Imaging is introducing new models of the compact, IP67 Dalsa BOA M1280 smart cameras with a higher resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. More?

meLaser sensor features stainless steel housing and IP69K sealing
Micro-Epsilon's new stainless steel optoNCDT 1402SC laser sensor is sealed to IP69K and is offered with measuring ranges from 5mm to 600mm. More?


Retained fastenings for fixed guards
We have expanded the page listing different types of retained fasteners (captive screws) for fixed machine guards, so now there are more products and suppliers from which to choose. More?


Do you have too many distractions?
This week we have an eclectic collection of Dilbert cartoons, with themes ranging from distractions to dual monitors and bad bosses. More?

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