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Editor: Jonathan Severn
2nd February 2011

Ergonomics is an increasingly important aspect of design, whether for products or machinery. Indeed, the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is more explicit in its reference to ergonomics within the Essential Health and Safety Requirements.

Beyond the application of common sense, most machine designers probably have little experience or knowledge of ergonomics, so they may not be sure how to comply with the new regulatory requirements.

To address this need, there is a new article on entitled Ergonomics and the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This outlines the ergonomic requirements in the Directive, lists the relevant Harmonised Standards and provides a link to the ErgoMach website from where useful Information Sheets can be downloaded.


raMicro800 PLC offers more functions for same price as smart relay
Rockwell Automation's next-generation micro PLCs offer exceptional modularity, user-friendly software and excellent value. More?

balIO-Link Analogue Plugs convert analogue to IO-Link signals
New from Balluff, these IO-Link Analogue Plugs convert analogue input or output signals to IO-Link signals for easier, quicker system building. More?

phHydraulic axis integrates cylinder, manifold and position sensor
Parker Hannifin is launching the HMIX electro-hydraulic cylinder that provides a combination of speed, power and precision thanks to an integral position sensor. More?

wegBlackberry App: energy savings estimator for electric motors
WEG's app calculates energy savings, return on investment and reductions in CO2 emissions that can be achieved using motors of different efficiencies. More?

lzNew modular safety controllers from Leuze electronic
These software-configurable safety controllers are simple to use, yet they offer clever functions and benefit from an attractive pricing structure. More?


laNew courses cover electrical safety and functional safety
Laidler Associates has developed three new machinery safety training courses covering electrical safety and control system integrity. More?

sk2011 seminars on Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Sick is offering two seminars in 2011: one on the Machinery Directive and EN ISO 13849-1, and the other on the practical application of EN ISO 13849-1. More?


leeLeeP plastic springs now 30 per cent stronger
Lee Springs' LeeP composite plastic compression springs are now up to 30 per cent better in terms of spring rates and load capacity at solid height. More?

stLoadSense smart load sensor with wireless communications
Sensor Technology's LoadSense smart load sensor, receiver, PC link and handheld display make it easy to integrate product weighing within lifting and handling operations. More?

iaHigh-accuracy tilt sensors operate from 4-20mA two-wire loop
ETLG Inertial Aerosystems is introducing compact tilt sensors that operate from a 4-20mA two-wire loop and measure in two axes with a resolution of 0.01 degree. More?

pilzMachinery safety products and services for packaging machines
Pilz has recently supplied its safety calculator software, configurable safety controllers and guard switches for use on servo-driven packaging machines. More?

balNew legislation mandates minimum efficiencies for motors
This article from Baldor explains the need to prepare for new EU legislation that mandates minimum efficiency levels for electric motors from June 2011. More?


A different Dilbert every day
Take a look at our Daily Dilbert cartoon - or set it to be your browser's Home page so you never miss the latest instalment. More?


Search engine optimisation for press releases
As well as all the information you would expect to find, our 2011 Media Pack contains suggestions for how to draft press releases with a view to search engine optimisation. Download (450kB PDF)

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