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Editor: Jonathan Severn
7th September 2011

The European Commission has published an updated list of standards that are harmonised to the Machinery Directive (in case you are not familiar with the CE marking process, complying with harmonised standards provides a 'presumption of conformity' to the relevant essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, so designing a machine to be standards-compliant is usually the easiest way to demonstrate that the EHSRs have been met).

This latest list was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) on 20 July 2011, replacing all previous lists. Looking at the standards making their first appearance in the list, it appears that the new additions are all Type C standards for specific classes of machinery. has summarised the new additions in an article 'Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards - updated list', which includes a link to the full list.


eplEPLAN Electric P8 2.0 features improved reporting
EPLAN P8 2.0 for electrical engineering offers extended reports and parts management, flexible terminal design, new check functions and revision management. More?

wieStandstill monitor accepts inputs from a variety of sensors
Wieland's SNS 4074K standstill monitor works with sensors such as inductive and magnetoresistive proximity switches and incremental encoders. More?

varMiniature string pot sensors have measurement ranges up to 635mm
Variohm-EuroSensor is introducing the new Celesco SM1 and SM2 miniature string pot sensors that suit a variety of automation and control applications. More?

skfIdler Sound Monitor Kit checks condition of conveyor bearings
SKF's new Idler Sound Monitor Kit is an easy-to-use, rugged, handheld monitoring device for the early detection of faults in conveyor belt idlers. More?

aerAVS1000 micropositioning vertical lift has 135kg payload
New from Aerotech is the AVS1000 micropositioning vertical lift that achieves sub-micron positioning of large and heavy loads. More?


nbyFind out how to improve assembly methods
Anyone wanting to improve assemblies by means of better fasteners and adhesives should visit October's event at the National Motorcycle Museum. More?

triSensors+Systems programme of workshops and seminars
As part of the Sensors and Systems Show on 14/15 September there will be an extensive programme of one-hour workshops and seminars. More?


rexIntegrated control and synchronisation of up to four robots
A Rexroth Indramotion MLC integrated motion, logic and control unit is being used in a packaging machine to control multiple robots and other automation axes. More?

plzWhy Category 2 is unsuitable for Performance Level d safety
This technical article from Pilz explains why you should not use Category 2 architecture on machine guard safety circuits requiring Performance Level d. More?

niLabVIEW 2011 introduces new levels of productivity
LabVIEW 2011 enhances development efficiency through new engineering-specific libraries and the ability to interact with almost any hardware. More?

meBlue Laser Sensors suit applications where red lasers struggle
Micro-Epsilon's new Blue Laser Sensors can be used on hot, glowing metals, as well as organic materials such as skin, foodstuffs, plastics, veneers and wood. More?

hrtHan-Eco connector housings are low-cost alternative to Han B
Harting's high-quality Han-Eco connector housings combine ruggedness, reliability and versatility, with light weight, reduced costs and safety. More?

mseMade-to-measure micropumps for original equipment
Michael Smith Engineers offers an extensive range of compact, lightweight, magnet-drive external gear pumps that provide accurate, leak-free, pulse-free flows. More?


Don't miss Dilbert
If you were away on holiday during August, remember that you can scroll back through a month's worth of cartoons to see what you missed. More?


Machine builders and the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
Machine builders have obligations under the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and need to take certain things into account when assessing electrical safety. More?

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