Micro Client M@C150 breaks through the 15" barrier

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With the M@C150 Micro Client, Kontron expands its product range of thin Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to include larger displays, now up to 15. OEMs profit from HMI clients that are substantially thinner and thus less expensive than fully-fledged IPCs, but still offer sophisticated graphics, intuitive GUIs and touch screen operation. Thanks to the use of ETX modules, the new RoHS-compliant M@C150 Micro Clients are scalable in processor performance to suit individual requirements and a variety of applications. Whether as a thin client, Web client, user terminal or as controller a wide variety of requirements can be realized quickly and inexpensively using these thin HMI systems.

A multitude of standard protocols such as http, XML and RDP have already been implemented. Additional functionality, such as Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and a browser that is started in KIOSK mode in order to display Java applets, have already been planned. By default, the Windows, Windows XP embedded and Embedded Linux operating systems are available running on non-volatile and so particularly robust Compact Flash cards. Customization and expansion of the software support package is possible through Kontron's own software developers.

1xRS232 and the option of RS422/RS485, 2xUSB and LAN are available for the connection of peripheral devices or for servicing. If required, the micro clients can also be equipped with CAN interfaces and battery-buffered SRAM.

All the micro clients in the new M@C product line are IP65-protected on the front side. The installation depth for each display size is only about 50 mm, thanks to their passive cooling concept. The input voltage for industrial or machine-internal power supply systems is designed for 24 V DC. Shock, vibration and temperature resistance as well as fulfilment of the most stringent EMC requirements round out the feature set of the new micro clients.

In machine and plant construction there is a demand for long product lifecycles; Kontron is answering this demand by offering at least five years availability for the new micro clients.. Other possible areas in which the micro clients might be used include building control, automotive, and medical technology and transportation.

Web trends

The use of micro clients / thin clients as Web-based indicator and user panels, with all applications running on a central Web server, is particularly low-maintenance and at the same time allows a highly flexible use of these systems. The advantages of this thin client architecture include centralized administration and software maintenance, maximum data security through centralized data storage and backup, and high reliability and availability (high MTBF values) through the elimination of rotating mass storage devices and fans, which reduces the total cost of ownership to a minimum.

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