Amplicon launches i-BOX integrated rack cabinet security

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Amplicon is introducing the i-BOX, a 'compact, totally integrated security solution' designed to complement its range of rack cabinets for mission-critical applications where continuous system availability is essential.

The i-BOX is a scalable online monitoring system that offers flexible and remote access control and can initiate immediate security deployment.

Features include: validation and thermal analysis control of the rack design to meet thermal issues and rising heat densities both now and in the future; the maintenance of a stable environment while delivering proactive management of IT equipment in the rack; the ability to monitor rack power requirements; and 24/7 IP-based management for LAN/WAN.

This level of control is achieved using six modules designed to be housed in a single i-BOX unit:

Enclosure Module – Monitors the provision of a totally integrated rack solution including event logging of all IT equipment in the rack;

Security Module – Provides security deployment with preconfigured "on event" actions to trigger alarms or emails. Enables the implementation of visual communication by adding remotely monitored cameras;

Thermal Module – Analyses and monitors the rack. Designed to meet thermal challenges including rising heat densities now and in the future. Provides a high density cooling system and controls the operation of cooling fans in the rack;

Environmental Module – Proactively manages IT equipment in the rack by monitoring the temperature, humidity, flood and hot spots, thereby keeping environmental conditions to within required threshold levels;

Power Module – The system can be configured, adapted and retrofitted to the rack, monitoring the power requirement along with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and remote managed power supplies;

Remote Monitoring Module – 24/7 IP-based remote monitoring software, offering global management of rack security for multiple locations from a central or single site.

Amplicon manufactures its own rackmount computer systems under the names Ventrix, Impact-R and Impact. The company's experience and expertise in this field enable it to build reliable rackmount computer systems for use in the most challenging of industrial environments. Amplicon also offers a range of versatile rack cabinets to house these systems. The i-BOX has been launched to complement these product ranges and enables the company to provide 'total solutions' for mission-critical industrial applications.

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