Pulnix TM-1327 GE AccuPiXEL camera uses Gigabit Ethernet

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The TM-1327, which is the newest in PULNiX's line of AccuPiXEL series cameras, is a miniature high-resolution (1.45 Megapixel) progressive scan CCD camera. And it is now available through Firstsight Vision.

Based on a high-quality 2/3in interline transfer sensor with 1392 x 1040 pixel resolution, this camera can output 30 fps at full resolution and has increased NIR sensitivity. Indeed, teh camera offers an excellent price/performance ratio.

The interline transfer CCD permits full vertical and horizontal resolution with electronic shutter speeds of up to 1/16,000 sec. It can be reset asynchronously by external pulse control. Incorporating PULNiX's patented look-up table (LUT), it allows full dynamic range control of the CCD by externally selectable knee slopes and provides real-time 10-bit to 8-bit pre-processing for effective image feature enhancement. Because the camera uses the Gigabit Ethernet Protocol for data transfer, no frame grabber is required, which saves on system costs.

All camera-control functions are externally controlled via a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) provided by PULNiX or by direct serial command strings. It is available in both monochrome (TM-1327 GE) and colour (TMC-1327 GE) formats, with both models using GigE data outputs via a standard RJ45 connector.

Applications for the TM-1327 series include machine vision, microscopy and medical imaging, semiconductor and component inspection, intelligent transportation systems, gauging, and surveillance.

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