How to cut the cost of machine tool enclosure guards

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Procter Machinery Guarding is offering machine tool manufacturers an opportunity to cut the costs associated with designing and manufacturing guarding for one-off and series machines. Because of its expertise in machine guarding, which includes swarf management and noise control, Procter Machinery Guarding is capable of designing and supplying guarding more economically than machine tool manufacturers can.

As one of the UK's leading machine guarding specialists, Procter Machinery Guarding possesses the skills to ensure that its machine tool guards meet all current UK and European health and safety standards, and interlocks are selected to ensure that cycle times and availability are not compromised by the machine's safety-related control system. Procter's enclosure guards also perform the vital role of managing swarf and coolant in an effective manner and, since the UK's new Noise at Work Regulations came into force on 6 April 2006, the designers can additionally incorporate noise-reducing measures if required.

Procter designers have a strong track record in this field so that the guards truly enhance the appearance of machines and make them more appealing to customers and operatives alike. Due attention is also paid to ergonomics in order that machines can be set-up, operated and maintained as efficiently as possible. Machine guards can either be designed to conform to a customer's house style, or the designers can help to create a new house style to replace existing designs that have become outdated. In all cases, the same high standards are adhered to for one-offs and series machines alike.

Lower costs, same quality

Machine tool manufacturers frequently find that sub-contracting the guarding to Procter results in lower costs, increased flexibility, and guards that are at least as high in quality as those fabricated in-house. Procter Machinery Guarding has also invested in state-of-the-art equipment for processing sheet metal, whereas machine tool manufacturers sometimes have to struggle with older equipment, as sheet metal work is not a core business activity for them.

Machine enclosure guards can be finished in the customer's choice of colours, applied as a tough polyester powder coat. Movable guards can be manually opened or powered, viewing windows or portholes can be sized and positioned to give a clear view of the process, and attention to detail ensures that swarf and coolant management is optimised. User interfaces can either be built into the enclosure guards or located on swinging arms or pedestals, depending on the application requirements.

Of course, if a customer already has satisfactory guard designs, Procter Machine Guarding can quote for manufacturing custom guards to the existing specifications. And if the machine tool is to be attended by a robot, Procter Machinery Guarding also offers a choice of modular perimeter guarding systems to safeguard the robot's working area.

13 September 2006

Procter Machine Safetyvisit website
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