WiBox wirelessly networks existing equipment in minutes

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WiBox wirelessly networks existing equipment in minutesLantronix (Nasdaq: LTRX) today announced the newest version of its award-winning WiBox wireless Device Server, to serve the growing demand for WiFi technology that allows companies to remotely manage and control their appliances and machines over the network or the Internet. The new WiBox delivers support for the latest generation 802.11 standards and adds wired Ethernet connectivity for more complete configuration flexibility when in the field. Specialised features offer additional options and ease of configuration, making serial or Ethernet device connectivity possible in just minutes regardless of the application. WiBox provides an ideal solution for companies looking to network-enable a variety of machines and appliances ranging from plant equipment to corporate security systems, by utilising the most widely adopted wireless network standard 802.11.

The new enhanced dual-port WiBox now provides 802.11 b/g wireless capabilities for higher bandwidth and superior data throughput performance. The WiBox also provides a unique bridging capability which allows an Ethernet device to be connected to an 802.11 wireless network. This provides connectivity options for greater flexibility when dealing with a mixed (Ethernet or serial) device environment in a single solution. In addition, the new WiBox is industrial-grade (wide temperature range and robust), making wireless communications possible in harsh outdoor or factory environments. It is also fully RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)-compliant and backwards compatible with the 802.11 b wireless standard. As with all of Lantronix device enablement products, the WiBox includes an embedded Web server that allows connected devices to be remotely monitored, managed and controlled via the Internet. This provides users with immediate device access from anywhere in the world, saving valuable time and money that would otherwise be lost managing the device locally.

"Our customers are intensely interested in 802.11 wireless connectivity and its potential to greatly enhance their operations and deliver value to their bottom line," said Marc Nussbaum, CEO of Lantronix. "We continue to see an increase in the adoption of wireless M2M device networking as cities deploy metropolitan WiFi networks, and as industrial and commercial venues become comfortable with recent technology advances to address security and ease of use concerns. In the case of 802.11 wireless device networks, customers want fully capable solutions that are ready to go. This is a new, potentially very large market that is just beginning to discover Lantronix technology."

Regardless of the market segment – medical/healthcare, industrial automation or security – 802.11 wireless networking has become the dominant solution for connecting a variety of devices, from forklifts operating in harsh environments to ventilators attached to hospital patients who are moving from room to room. In addition, wireless offers superior flexibility where running cable is either unfeasible or not cost-effective. This leads to faster and lower total cost of deployment and allows companies to effectively leverage existing assets in their environment that were previously unreachable.

To help companies realise the immense benefits WiFi Device Networking has to offer, Lantronix is sponsoring a monthly contest that invites end users to demonstrate how wireless connectivity, with the WiBox, adds significant value to their product or service. For more information on the WiBox, please visit:

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