Satellite roller screws offer benefits over ball screws

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Satellite roller screws offer benefits over ball screwsThe satellite roller screw programme from Abssac is a formidable product range. Primarily, it is a high-precision linear device that transforms a rotary movement into a linear movement; it is similar to a ball screw but with the difference that the balls are replaced by threaded rollers.

By the nature of its design, the rollers are constantly engaged with the threads of the screw, resulting in a high number of contact points that allows the satellite roller screw to support heavier axial loads and have much greater longevity.

When the screw turns, the satellite rollers move as the lead on the screw. In this execution the rollers are in constant contact with the thread of the screw and the thread of the nut. The rollers do not move axially relative to the nut and are not recycled.

Due to its design, this execution is particularly suitable for applications where high axial loads, high speed, and high feed speeds are requested. In fact a roller screw design will always transmit more load than a ball screw nut assembly, size for size, which is one of its key design advantages.

Mr Chris Cattle, in the technical sales department at Abssac, states: "If an application requires a high linear load to be repeatedly moved at speed, but the design is constrained by space, the satellite roller screw programme is ideal. Standard ball screw designs just cannot compete."

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