Advantages of electrodeposited nickel bellows and electroforms

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Advantages of electrodeposited nickel bellows and electroformsDrawing upon over 40 years of experience, Abssac now supports a full range of electrodeposited metal bellows and electroformed products.

Electrodeposited products are formed by machining a precision mandrel to the shape of the desired form (equivalent to the inside of the bellows) and then depositing the proper thickness of spring-quality metal on to the mandrel. The mandrel is then dissolved away to leave the precision finished product behind.

By refining this technique, Abssac can supply extremely intricate parts with unusual shapes, thin walls, deep crevices and other design features. The electroforming process is especially suitable for tolerance-critical miniature parts, including both flexible bellows and rigid electroformed components.

The controlled electroforming process can also vary the wall thickness in different places on the same part for selective rigidity and flexibility, thereby allowing hollow parts with walls as thin as 0.0003in (0.008mm) to be produced for miniature applications including electrical bellows contacts and precision instrument applications. Nickel bellows can be produced with wall thicknesses up to .025in (0.64mm) thick. Electroformed ultra-lightweight reflectors several feet in diameter have also been produced.

Electroformed components are excellent for:

  • Precision instruments
  • Pressure responsive devices
  • Hermetically sealed units and dynamic hermetic sealing
  • Flexible bellows seals
  • Electrical contacts (gold plated)
  • Bellows shaft couplings with exceptional torsional stiffness
  • Custom-engineered parts
  • High-compression rates up to 60 per cent of their free length
  • Miniature component capability
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