Leadscrews offered with custom nuts for standard prices

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Leadscrews offered with custom nuts for standard pricesAbssac has long been associated with supplying cold rolled formed stainless steel lead screws and ranges of complementary advanced anti-backlash nut designs. Abssac says it has now taken the market lead by offering its customers the capability to have non-standard attachment designs incorporated into their single nut requirements, all at standard prices.

Mr Phil Jones from the technical department at Abssac states: "Traditionally our customers have used our standard nut designs and then attached their equipment to the nut. By offering the customer the opportunity to have the nut supplied so as to incorporate a number of attachments such as bearing guides, awkward fixing points and perhaps micro-switch cams all in the single unit, has many advantages. It also adds to the security and reliability of the part."

Most custom nuts are traditionally produced from the polymer Turcite that has excellent wear characteristics as well as low coefficients of expansion. However, the same custom service is available in bronze too, for more arduous applications. All nuts supplied combine seamlessly with the extensive range of precision rolled lead screws ranging from 6mm to 100mm diameter, which can also be supplied machined and ready to fit any bearing journal requirements.

Applications to date have included custom nuts incorporating quick fix-and-detach clips for interchangeable pick-and-place units, as well as clean room applications that required the nuts to combine a bearing surface and cable feed holes.

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