Displacement sensor utilises strain gauge technology

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Applied Measurements is introducing a new range of displacement transducers that utilise strain gauge technology, known as the AML/SGD series.

Initially available with stroke lengths of 0-10mm and 0-25mm, the AML/SGD series has an overall accuracy of +/-0.1 per cent, together with excellent long-term and thermal stability. They require a stabilised DC voltage excitation anywhere between 2 and 10V and return a high-level millivolt signal proportional to the position of the plunger.

The AML/SGD series sensors are constructed using a rugged stainless steel tubular housing containing a spindle guide bearing and spring return mechanism. A light spring force ensures a minimal effect on the application and enables inverted operation when required. Precision construction guarantees a long service life with superb mechanical reliability.

The AML/SDG series sensors are suitable for a broad range of applications in research and development, industrial, aerospace, civil engineering and automotive industries. Being based on strain gauges, they are compatible with a wide range of analogue and digital monitoring, control and data acquisition equipment found in both laboratory and field environments.

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