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Free 'Conveying Technology' handbookMK Profile Systems is publishing a free 'Conveying Technology' handbook that includes details of the newly launched timing belt version of its modular conveyor system.

Designated as conveyor type ZRF-P 2040.02, the timing belt unit is designed for product indexing applications where positional accuracy needs to be ensured. It is also excellent for high-load applications, as the engagement of the timing teeth virtually eliminate slippage.

Like all MK conveyor modules, this latest one is based on the company's extruded aluminium profiles so can be configured and reconfigured with ease. T-slots in the side of the profile feature the standard MK slot geometry and allow easy mounting of other equipment such as sensors.

Usefully, the timing teeth also help maintain the belt's tracking, preventing it from slipping sideways even when under lateral load - such as is experienced when product is continually swiped sideways off the belt. The belt is available in a variety of materials and widths and typically has fixtures on its carrying surface to form pockets for individual product placement. The fixtures are either welded to the belt or fixed with threaded inserts; the latter allowing users to customised the belt to their own specific requirements. This is expected to be particularly useful in labelling, marking and vision system applications.

There are various motor options, including variable speed configurations. Accessories such as encoders, clutches, brakes, overload protection and cooling systems can all be added.

Copies of the 'Conveyor Technology' handbook can be ordered free from MK's UK office.

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