New motion control software for controls, drives/motors and I/O

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Danaher Motion is introducing version 3.04 of its Motion Programming Interface (MPI), an object-oriented C library for motion engineers. MPI software is an invaluable tool for system design engineers with a number of key features and benefits, including:

  • An integrated professional C library for high-performance controls, drives/motors and I/O
  • Low-latency command-to-motion execution, suitable for integration of real-time motion with vision or high-speed I/O
  • Highly reliable, deterministic network master with node self-enumeration, redundant fault tolerance and event management
  • Complete real-time data access to networked controls, drives and I/O
  • Software field connectivity into all system components for upgrade and debugging

New to MPI 3.04 is SynqNet HotReplace. Engineers can use HotReplace to increase machinery throughput by servicing machinery modules offline without process interruption. Motors, drives and I/O modules can be removed and reinstalled on the live network individually or in groups for off-line service or upgrades.

MPI 3.04 extends position resolution to 64-bit, which allows for advanced control of high-resolution axes such as precision linear motors. In addition, 64-bit resolution leverages the high-resolution S200 SynqNet Digital Drive with industry-leading 800Hz velocity bandwidth.

MPI 3.04 also expands the interoperable family of SynqNet components, adding the Danaher Motion S300, S600, SqStep4 and SqDC4 amplifiers, in addition to third-party SynqNet products.

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