Ergonomic workstations and efficient materials transfer systems

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Producing ergonomic workstations and efficient materials transfer systems for use in modern lean manufacturing installations is fast, easy and inexpensive with the latest range of MPS (Manual Production System) products from Bosch Rexroth.

Designed to provide the versatility and ease-of-modification needed in today's fast-paced manufacturing environment, the MPS range has, at its heart, a framing system based on aluminium profile rails. Using these rails and the range's convenient quick connectors, frames of any required size and shape can be rapidly assembled.

Other products from the range, which include manual conveyors, lighting systems, sliding carriages, footrests, guards, transfer slides, air supply elements and many other accessories, can then be added to produce finished systems suitable for almost any shop-floor application. All of the components mount quickly and easily onto the frame, and the integral T-slots of the profile rail allow each component to be positioned exactly where it is needed.

To provide even greater versatility, the aluminium profiles are also compatible with Bosch Rexroth powered conveyors, as well as with many of the company's other automation products. This allows MPS assemblies to be readily integrated into virtually any manufacturing environment.

An important benefit of the Bosch Rexroth MPS system is that all components, including the aluminium profiles, are fully reusable, and all feature robust construction which ensures long life, even with repeated re-use. This means that systems can be re-built and reconfigured easily and inexpensively, making full use of existing components, as the requirements of the application change – which is an important consideration in today's world of short production runs and rapid product evolution.

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