Modular hydraulic power packs delivered in just four weeks

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Modular hydraulic power packs delivered in just four weeksWith the introduction of Bosch Rexroth's new Alpha Pack range, users of hydraulic power packs no longer have to choose between the inflexibility and inconvenience of standard products, and the high cost and long delivery times often associated with bespoke systems.

Assembled from proven off-the-shelf components, Alpha Pack modular hydraulic power units are versatile enough to meet the needs of almost any application, yet are exceptionally competitively priced and are, in most cases, ready for delivery just four weeks from the date of order.

Power packs in the Alpha Pack range are available with reservoir capacities from 100 to 1000 litres, and can be supplied in versions with continuous delivery pressures up to 280bar. They can incorporate either fixed- or variable-displacement pumps, including gear, vane or piston types, with power ratings from 2.2 to 55kW and, depending on the pump type chosen, they can support flow rates up to 171 l/min.

Modular sub-assemblies added to the basic system allow it to be configured to match precisely the needs of the application.

Pump controls for Alpha Pack products are optimised for energy efficiency and safety, and can be arranged to provide constant pressure, flow- or pressure-control, with automatic load sensing capabilities.

Appropriately sized accumulators, in conjunction with the sophisticated Alpha Pack accumulator control system, further aid energy efficiency by allowing the power packs to cope with cyclic and emergency loads without the need to increase basic capacity.

Easy integration

Fluid conditioning options, including filtration, cooling and heating, are also available, as are flexible interface facilities that allow the power packs to be easily integrated with any modern automation system.

Many further options are offered including, for example, bund trays and even fully customised manifolds, all of which can be incorporated without extending the delivery period.

To help customers choose from Alpha Pack's extensive range of options, Bosch Rexroth has developed its easy-to-use Power Unit Configurator software package, which provides step-by-step guidance through the configuration process. With this software, the company's sales engineers – usually working at the customer's premises – can quickly configure systems to optimise both performance and value-for-money in any specific application.

The software also calculates pricing, producing a detailed quotation as well as an assembly drawing, a circuit diagram and a detailed parts list.

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