Easy soft starting capability now possible on larger drives

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With Moeller Electric's new DS6 range of compact soft-starters, providing controlled starting and stopping for motors up to 110kW is as easy and economical as it is for smaller drives. Designed for straightforward installation, the new units only need the addition of an NZM circuit breaker to produce a complete motor starter with isolation facilities as well as fully co-ordinated short-circuit and overload protection.

DS6 soft starters can be mounted side by side without gaps, thereby saving on installation space requirements. And seeting up the units is equally straightforward: no complicated parameterisation is needed, users simply set the acceleration and deceleration times, along with the start voltage, to suit their application. After that, the drive is ready to use.

The new soft starters use two-phase control, which is said to provide excellent value for money and allows exceptionally compact overall dimensions to be achieved.

Until now, however, two-phase control has only been suitable for small motors, because of problems with DC components and elliptical rotational fields. But new asymmetrical trigger technology, developed and patented by Moeller Electric, completely eliminates these problems, thereby guaranteeing smooth acceleration and deceleration under all operating conditions. This has allowed the new DS6 soft starters to extend the economy and convenience of two-phase control to drives in excess of 100kW.

As a further aid to economy, all of the new DS6 soft starters incorporate an automatic internal bypass. This means that, while the motor is running at constant speed, the thyristors used to control starting and stopping are bypassed, which reduces losses and heat generation.

Suitable for operation from supplies in the range 230 to 460V at 50/60Hz, Moeller Electric's DS6 soft starters are supplied in two frame sizes and nine ratings, from 18.5kW to 110kW at 400V. The units have an AC53a rating of 10 starts per hour, with 3x starting current for 5 seconds.

The control voltage is 24V DC, which ensures compatibility with all modern automation systems, and integral LEDs are provided as standard to give an instant visual confirmation of operational status.

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