S2 force transducers measure tension and compression

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S2 force transducers measure tension and compressionHBM's S2 force transducers offer exceptional versatility for a wide range of applications, including materials testing, functional component tests and manufacturing monitoring. They feature excellent linearity, hysteresis and thermal behaviour, and they also incorporate mechanical overload stops that permit a breaking load of up to 1000 per cent of the transducer's nominal (rated) force for both tension and compression. Six measuring ranges are available, from 0-20N up to 0-1000N.

Each S-shaped unit has the same dimensions and geometry, making the transducers simple to integrate into static and dynamic test machines, test benches or manufacturing lines with minimal design effort and fewer components.

The transducers are fitted using the two central internal threads or with optional knuckle eyes. S2 force transducers can also be equipped with the optional TEDS (transducer electronic datasheet) to cut set-up times and reduce the risk of errors being made.

05 September 2006

HBM United Kingdom Ltdvisit website
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