New IndicatorBolt gives improved load indication

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James Walker RotaBolt is launching the next generation of Indicating Rod Bolt. The Company is increasing the extension monitoring performance of the existing fasteners by dramatically improving correlation.

The standard Indicating rod bolt uses direct length measurement to gauge the delivery of load. The new version, IndicatorBolt, gives a much more accurate measurement of bolt extension to guarantee the uniform delivery and maintenance of load. RotaBolt has applied technology to produce bolts that are individually load-test calibrated and fitted with a special indicator to measure extension. Every IndicatorBolt even has its own certificate of extension measurement.

"These improved bolts are a generational step forward for direct length measurement," comments Rod Corbett, managing director of RotaBolt. "As a centre of bolting excellence, we have been able to apply our expertise to dramatically improve the performance of the existing indicator bolts."

The new IndicatorBolts were developed as part of a project where 'standard' direct length measurement fasteners had been specified and designed-in, but were failing to perform to expectations. RotaBolt was called in and conducted an extensive programme of research and development.

Bolted joint specifications were reviewed, including theoretical calculations and tightening procedures, the assurance of the original design of the indicating rod was improved, and technology was then applied to increase performance and improve correlation. RotaBolt also worked closely in on-site training and testing to successfully deliver the desired reliability for the client.

RotaBolt is increasingly being recognised as a global centre of excellence for bolted joint technology. It is working closely with leading operators in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, civil engineering, environment, transport and defence, and is continuing to achieve new standards of safety and reliability through the application of its expertise and technology.

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