Rittal RiLine60 busbar system is now UL/cUL certified

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The new Rittal RiLine60 busbar system, with a 60mm bar centre distance, is now UL/cUL accredited. This offers machine builders and panel builders the chance to make cost-savings thanks to the easy mounting offered by the RiLine60 UL busbar system.

When it comes to power distribution and power control in machine and plant manufacture, efficiency is all-important. Switchgear manufacturers are subject to enormous pressures of time and cost, yet the Rittal RiLine60 UL 60mm busbar technology is a reliable power distribution system that is quick and easy to install.

Rittal is now repeating the European market success of the RiLine60 worldwide. The Rittal RiLine60 UL components are certified by Underwriter Laboratories and therefore have UL/cUL508A certification. So Rittal power distribution systems are attractive to companies that want to export their products to global markets, or where end users demand adherence to these standards.

By using these certified Rittal system products, users can avoid expensive test scenarios. The Rittal RiLine60 UL combines three busbar types in one distribution system. Flat copper and Rittal PLS rails cover amperages from 800 to 1600A.

Special UL-certified busbar supports for flat busbars and Rittal PLS special rails are available to create units that meet UL/cUL regulations and so accord with the UL508A standard. This way the user can reliably achieve the creepage distances and clearances for branch and feeder circuits that UL508A requires. Increased security is guaranteed by the base tray technique used and the high short-circuit resistance strength. The RiLine60 UL connection technique is approved for field and factory wiring.

The system structure, consisting of holder, base tray, and busbars, allows new safety and functional units to be formed, with identical system dimensions. The rails, of flat construction, can be easily inserted in their respective holders. In the case of the flat bar holder, height compensation for the 5mm rails is easily achieved using a removable spacer. The integrated locating block is automatically adapted to widths of 15, 20, 25, or 30mm.

The Rittal RiLine60 UL component adaptors employ a supporting frame for installing switchgear equipment. Components can so be removed from the adaptors without removing the adaptor chassis. The live busbars are therefore safely shielded at all times to prevent contact.

More detailed additional information about the new RiLine 60 UL range is available in a free brochure.

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