Schmersal expands scope of Esalan safety controller

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Schmersal expands scope of Esalan safety controllerSchmersal is launching safety-oriented extension modules for the Esalan Compact safety controller with 8 - 24 inputs, 4 - 12 semi-conductor outputs and 2 x 2 - 6 x 2 relay outputs and I/O combinations.

In terms of fault-controlling and fault-tolerant measures, the new extension modules also correspond to control category 4 of EN 954-1. Up to seven modules can be connected to an Esalan Compact basic device via a CAN interface, with the possibility of decentralisation. This means that a small bus system can be built for a line length of up to 200m, providing an interesting option particularly for functional safety in the interlinking of machines and for smaller integrated production systems.

The requisite control sequences and logic operations are determined by way of parameter assignment (instead of hard-wired logic). Function- and logic-orientated menus are available, the structure of which corresponds to the wiring of safety relay modules and logic gates.

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