Demand for Zelio Logic grows

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Zelio Logic smart relays from the Telemecanique brand of Schneider Electric are proving attractive to users and sales through distributors have increased by more than 28% in value terms over just one year, and are continuing to grow rapidly.

A major key to the success of Zelio Logic smart relays is that they are easy to program. Familiar ladder diagram techniques, which are ideal for interlocking and logic, can be used as can function-block methods which give easy and intuitive access to some of the more advanced functions offered by the units.

Simple programs can be entered using only the display and buttons which are built into the relay. Alternatively, the Zelio Soft 2 software package, which runs on any standard PC, speeds the development of more complex programs, as well as providing comprehensive facilities for simulation, monitoring and supervision.

Zelio Logic smart relays are available with between 10 and 40 I/O. They are offered in compact versions with fixed configurations, and in modular versions which allow the use of expansion modules. Units in the range are available with an integral battery-backed real-time clock, and modular versions can be expanded to offer analogue I/O.

Communications facilities can also be added to make Zelio Logic smart relays a cost-effective choice for providing local functionality in distributed control systems.

"More and more users are finding that Zelio Logic smart relays offer an effective alternative to conventional control systems," said Adrian Hinks, product manager. "That's not really surprising, however, as, in addition to much greater flexibility, they deliver big space savings and large reductions in wiring time. Our distributors have responded magnificently to the resulting growth in demand with in-depth stockholdings and excellent customer support."

01 November 2006

Schneider Electric Ltdvisit website
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