Wizcon launches WLC (Wireless Logic Controller)

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Wizcon launches WLC (Wireless Logic Controller)The WLC (Wireless programmable Logic Controller) is a universal control platform that aims to simplify the integration and development of traditional SCADA systems and extend enterprise control. Development of local and wide area control systems is made easier through the use of integrated cellular communications, industrial hardened I/O and standard fixed wire networks integrated into one rugged design. The WLC is further enhanced by the program development and maintenance support that is integrated within the Wizcon Supervisor application through the use of WizPLC.

Universal cellular support (GSM, iDEN and CDMA), along with comprehensive encryption, extend the reach of any enterprise to any asset or processes in a dependable and secure manner. The WLC is an M2M tool that will answer real-time questions from the control room, or strategic asset performance queries from the boardroom.

The main benefits are said to be:

  • Connectivity
  • Over-the-air (OTA) Configuration Toolkit
  • Engineered as a system

The WLC combines the functions of control and wireless connectivity using an integrated program development environment.

Key features of the WLC include a maximum onboard I/O of 24 (four analogue and twelve digital inputs, plus eight digital outputs), a choice of AC or DC power supplies, and the ability to program the unit via a remote wireless connection. There is also an embedded IEC logic engine with Codesys software, and Ethernet 10/100, USB and serial interfaces.

The WLC can operate in several modes: standalone, back-to-back, remote I/O (up to 249 per host). Other features are a set of seven status LEDs, security protocols, a USB port for programming with a laptop computer, inbuilt programmable logic software, and a web format setup and configuration utility. Both Ethernet and ZigBee protocols are supported.

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