Ovens designed for flammable and volatile products

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Ovens designed for flammable and volatile productsUnitemp is launching a new range of affordable temperature ovens suitable for drying and heat treatment of flammable synthetic resins or volatile solvents; each oven is equipped with a vent to release any explosion, with a safety door for security.

These units are designed to prevent any damage to people or equipment in the vicinity for explosion pressures not exceeding 2.94Pa. If the explosion exceeds 0.98Pa, reuse of the equipment may not be possible.

Designated the SPH(H) range from ESPEC, the range consists of eight models. These high-quality products are constructed from cold-rolled rust-proof steel plate coated in melamine resin; the inside is stainless steel. The temperature range is ambient + 20 to 300 degrees C using an established and proven forced-hot-air circulation and ventilation system.

Incorporated at the top of the oven is a user-friendly control panel that gives details of the four programmed operations offered for use in the heat treatment and drying processes. They are: (1) constant temperature mode; (2) automatic start/stop; (3) stepwise mode; and (4) rapid mode, which takes the oven up a pre-set temperature gradient.

These models have a relative large processing capacity with internal dimensions of 450 x 450 x 450mm to 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm, and weigh 95 to 500kg.

This range complements Unitemp's extensive range of test and monitoring chambers and ovens, and the company has the expertise to provide 'specials' to customers' requirements.

These innovative products have applications in the electronics, engineering, laboratory, process, chemical and manufacturing industries.

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