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Citect is extending Switch2Citect with the release of RSView importer. This will have the same 'try before you buy' offer as Citect has provided with earlier importers. Customers can send in three displays to see how they import before they purchase the package.

Switch2Citect offers an automated way to convert legacy screens to CitectSCADA using numerous importers, such as RSView, Fix32, iFix, InTouch and FactoryLink. This means that over 50 per cent of the world's installed base of HMI/SCADA systems can be quickly and easily converted to CitectSCADA. The upcoming planned importers, including WinCC, Wizcon and Genesis32, will boost the coverage to an estimated 65 per cent of the HMI/SCADA installed base.

"Switch2Citect has been designed to automate conversion to CitectSCADA, allowing users to take advantage of Citect's solid upgrade history and unique features to improve their performance and protect their IT investments," says Stephen Flannigan, Global Director of CitectSCADA. "We have received strong demand from customers to develop these new importers to aid them in the conversion process, and more are planned for next year!"

In its latest version of Switch2Citect, many enhancements have been added. For example, attributes are now editable with controls suitable to the value being edited:

  • Numeric values are validated and an up/down spinner control is provided
  • Line and Fill styles are selectable using a drop-down list
  • Colours are now editable using a popup colour picker and can be edited directly on the attributes list

Switch2Citect is being used in a number of projects including a roll-out by a leading Australian mining company, a resort in the Canadian Rockies and a major gas pipeline in Europe.

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