Displacement transducers handle extreme environments

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Displacement transducers handle extreme environmentsRDP's LIN displacement transducers are designed to operate accurately and reliably in extreme circumstances, including high-radiation, high-temperature and even cryogenic environments. They have been proven to be reliable operating in temperatures up to 600degC and able to survive high doses of nuclear radiation.

The LIN range of displacement transducers, capable of measuring from 10 to 50mm, incorporates a linear differential inductance principle and is compatible with AC energising and conditioning equipment. Because there is no contact across the sensor element they are very robust. Proven in conditions of high pressure of up to 207Bar, temperatures up to 600degC and down to -220degC with radiation doses of up to 100,000 MegaRads, the LIN sensors are suitable for displacement measurement in these extreme conditions. Among the many potential applications are turbines, nuclear power stations and research laboratories.

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