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Small touchscreens mount vertically or horizontallyIdec is introducing a new small STN monochrome touchscreen with many improved functions. With an area of 111 x 37mm (4.6inch diagonal) and a resolution of 300 x 100 pixels, the HG1F's bright high-contrast display is easily seen, even in sunlight. With a depth of only 35mm it can be mounted in very small spaces, either in landscape or portrait mode, with easy positioning of the screen functions (pushbutton, pilot light, counter, etc) to suit.

Objects on the screen can be any size from 16 x 16 pixels upwards, and may be positioned anywhere on the screen. In addition, pages can be scrollable to contain even more information.

Sixteen brightness levels can be selected and multi-lingual capability with Windows fonts means the HG1F can be used in worldwide applications. A high-speed RISC processor, 1Mb of memory providing up to 3000 pages, data logging of alarms and trends, and the ability to network up to 15 displays completes a superior specification for a small display.

Easy, versatile programming

The HG1F is programmed by the latest version of WindO/I-NV2 (3.12), which incorporates many protocol drivers for connection to other manufacturers PLCs (eg Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Toshiba, Siemens, Keyence, Sharp, Hitachi, GE Fanuc and Modicon). With drag-and-drop operation, inclusion of 5000 'Symbol Factory' professional graphic images, and debugging functions that allow simulation and testing on the PC before downloading to the HG1F, the WindO/I-NV2 software is a powerful tool, considered essential when flexible, easy-to-use programming is required. If machines are destined for overseas customers or to be used by non-English-speaking personnel, the WindO/I can set the HG1F to display languages such as European, Baltic or Chinese.

Options for the HG1F include: 24V DC supply only, serial link 9600-115200bps, RS232C or RS485, 3000 pages, calendar/clock, replaceable backlight and battery. Up to 16 of the displays can be networked together and, if pass-through programming mode is selected, the touchscreens can be used to program a connected PLC.

Compared with the HG1B display that it replaces, the new model costs 38 per cent less.

More touchscreens

Other recent additions to Idec's family of HMIs are as follows, all with prices that have been reduced considerably since their launch:

HG2F 5.7inch

The HG2F is available in either colour or monochrome specifications, has 192 touch regions, a replaceable backlight, and benefits from expandable local I/O. HG2F-C models feature Idec's patented CC Click technology.

HG3F 10.4inch

The HG3F has a 10.4inch screen with 768 touch regions and a display resolution of 640 x 320 pixels. It is RS232, RS485, RS422 and Ethernet compatible, with 8MB of built-in memory, support for CompactFlash memory and a replaceable backlight.

HG4F 12inch

The HG4F has a 12.1inch screen with 1200 touch regions and a display resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. It is RS232, RS485 and RS422 compatible, with 8MB of built-in memory, and a replaceable backlight.

As with the new HG1F, all of these touchscreen can be networked together (up to a maximum of 15), and all are programmed with the same WindO/I-NV2 package.

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