Bruel & Kjaer seeks suggestions for I-deas enhancements

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The combination of the worldwide Bruel & Kjaer sales and support distribution network and the I-deas Test Products that has served customers so well has hardly gone unnoticed, resulting in the renewal of hundreds of I-deas licenses in major companies all over the world.

It is Bruel & Kjaer's intention to provide its customers with more than just technical support for the products, by continuing to enhance and update the I-deas products. With this in mind, Bruel & Kjaer is inviting suggestions for further enhancements. In this way Bruel & Kjaer can develop replacement technologies to provide options for the growth and expansion of testing requirements for sound and vibration.

I-deas 12m1

Just recently Bruel & Kjaer released I-deas 12m1, with the following features:

Time Capture

It is now possible to acquire time data simultaneously with any other measurement in Standard Measurements or Transient Measurements. This means that time data can be recorded simultaneously with Spectra, FRFs, Orders, etc. The function is activated by simply checking a box on the Overall Setup form. This feature is provided free of charge to all customers with maintenance agreements.

Vendor Library Updates

Bruel & Kjaer has provided I-deas vendor library support for its acquisition products for more than 10 years. With the release of I-deas 12m1, 24-bit acquisition and support for Dyn-X modules have been added. Dyn-X provides 160dB of dynamic range in a single input range, meaning users never have to worry about attenuators again.


The vendor library driver for VXI now includes support for the E1432B, 24-bit module.

Sony EX Series

The support for Sony EX now includes support for the following modules in addition to the Charge, Microphone, and ICP modules previously supported:

  • EX-FG10 (analog output)
  • EX-MP10 (tacho input module)
  • EX-MG10 (strain module)

In addition, support for multiple controller synchronisation is also included using the EX-AD10 connection device.


Support for the National Instruments 4472 DSA acquisition cards now includes multiple PXI mainframe support. Moreover, the interface now auto-senses the system configuration, thereby removing the need to edit the setup file.

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