Spyder tension controller has keypad and Ethernet link

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Available exclusively in the UK from Motion Drives and Controls, the MAGPOWR Spyder provides cost-effective tension control for brakes, clutches or drives in unwind, rewind and point-to-point applications. Now available for both dancer and load cell applications, the compact 35mm DIN-rail-mounted unit includes parameter-based set-up via a user-friendly keypad and display or an Ethernet network. This latter option makes it possible to set-up the controller via a web browser or remote HMI.

Aimed at applications where tension control parameters are infrequently changed, the Spyder delivers an advanced PID algorithm that allows processing equipment designers the security to 'fit and forget' this intrinsic part of the machine with minimal cost. Simple tuning, adjustable taper tension and security lockout mean that the Spyder can provide consistent and precise web tension control without the need for specialist training.

With a compact volume of less than 160 x 60 x 90mm (L x D x H), the IP20-protected Spyder mounts neatly in a control cabinet. Supply requirements are 24V DC at 250mA and inputs include load Cell (+/- 5V DC), dancer position (1kOhm to 10kOhm) with tension setpoint, manual setpoint, emergency stop, run/stop, tension-off and auto/manual. Outputs available cover torque (0 to 10V DC, 4 to 20mA and -10 to +10V DC) and tension meter (0 to 1mA or 0 to +10V DC analogue).

A user-friendly membrane keypad and a two-line LCD display are used for parameter-based set-up or an Ethernet communications interface is available for TCP/IP web server and FTP client applications.

The Spyder may be used as a standalone tension controller as a retrofit to existing machinery or as part of a complete system with MAGPOWR's extensive range of web tension and torque control products including magnetic particle clutch and brake units, pneumatic double-disk brakes, load cells, current-to-pressure transducers, dancer/follower arm position sensors and specialist power supplies. The range also includes more advanced products and systems for tension and dancer/follower arm control. Applications range from simple open-loop unwind to fully integrated closed-loop tension control systems with clutches and brakes available in a variety of mounting configurations.

13 November 2006

Motion Drives and Controls Limitedvisit website
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