Mechatrolink Bus Coupler for Inline modular I/O

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Phoenix Contact is introducing the new IL MII BK DI8 DO4-PAC Bus Coupler that allows seamless connection of Inline Modular I/O to the Mechatrolink Motion Field Network. When used in combination with Mechatrolink-compatible drives and controls, the MII BK permits easy integration of scalable I/O to provide an overall system with single network motion and machine control.

The MII BK features eight digital inputs and four digital outputs and offers expansion configurations with a wide range of available input and output modules, including high-density digital, analogue and temperature input. The bus coupler is compatible with Mechatrolink I and Mechatrolink II networks and provides the onboard diagnostics and modular advantage of the Phoenix Contact Inline system.

Phoenix Contact is an Executive Member of the Mechatrolink Members Association (MMA), the Japan-based user organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of the Mechatrolink motion network. The Mechatrolink motion network is easy and cost-effective for communications on high-performance, multi-axis servo systems. 170 industrial companies belong to MMA, which was founded by Yaskawa Electric.

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