Fibre-optic splicing system from Tyco

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RECORDsplice is an innovative fibre-optic splicing system from the AMP NETCONNECT Business Unit of Tyco Electronics system which features an integrated cleaving and installation tool. It is equally suited to use with indoor LAN/Campus installations and outside plant networks.

In particular, it is ideal for use with passive fibre network elements such as wall-mountable enclosures and splice panels, which makes fibre applications more cost-effective and reliable, as well as easier and faster to install.

The new tool features a quality cleaver with a precision cutting angle of eight degrees and a capacity of 20,000 cleaves. It incorporates an integrated storage system of fibre cut-offs, and provides tool-controlled positioning of the cleaved fibres into the splice.

This robust, compact and lightweight unit is fully mechanical and requires no power or batteries. It is also maintenance-free, does not need any adjustment, and can be safely used in many controlled environments. It can also work with very short fibre lengths, and is designed for ease of use by both right-handed and left-handed operators.

The RECORDsplice system produces the same splice quality for multimode (OM1, OM2 and OM3) and single-mode (OS1) fibres, and can be used with any combination of 250 Ám and 900 Ám fibres. A typical splice installation takes about two minutes and consists of three steps for each fibre: fibre stripping and cleaning; insertion and cleaving of the fibre; and fibre insertion into the splice.

Although the tool is manually operated, all critical operations, such as the positioning of the fibre relative to the cleave blade and the fibre insertion in the splice, are controlled by the tool itself, to reduce the influence of the operator on the process. In addition, the tool gives feedback on the cleaving operation with an 'OK' or 'error' indication. The operation of the cleave blade is mechanically controlled by a countdown window in the tool.

RECORDsplice is designed to meet the international (Telcordia and ITU) standards for core network operating conditions, and meets the stringent environmental specifications for outside deployment.

The tool measures 155 x 160 x 140 mm and weighs 1.4 kg. It is supplied in a protective case with a mounting plate, and features a moulded-in dust cap.

Splice dimensions are 3.8 (L) x 3.8 (W) x 46.2 (H) mm. A range of accessories includes a stripping tool with optimised stripping length indication and a splice tray which fits all international standard panels.

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