MBAC 100 multi-channel displays suit industrial environments

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Inertial Aerosystems is launching the MBAC 100, a low-cost, versatile, multi-channel display system that incorporates a series of very accurate multi-channel 16-bit binary inputs to produce the desired five-digit displays. Four separate displays can be scaled to any desired format from 0 to 99999. This enables the displays to be configured for pressure, weight, temperature and azimuth/elevation.

Suitable for use in tough industrial environments, the displays are available in a rack-mounted case measuring 48.26 x 4.44 x 30.48cm. The innovative MBAC 100 can also be used for measuring angles from encoders and synchros and has applications in the engineering, manufacturing, laboratory, and military areas.

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23 November 2006

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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