Miniature stepper motor delivers high-precision motion

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Miniature stepper motor delivers high-precision motionEMS is now offering the latest miniature stepper motor from ARSAPE, a member of the Faulhaber Group and a leader in high-precision, micro-mechanical stepper motors. The new diameter 12mm x 17.2mm long motor with 2.4mNm holding torque and boost torque of 4.1mNm complements the existing diameter 6-22mm range of stepper motors. However, the design is such that new levels of precision, torque, speed range and mechanical rigidity are achieved.

The motor is available in two versions with the ADM1220 offering, like any stepper motor, a holding torque without current. The ADM1220S, on the other hand, has no holding toque without current and, as a consequence, offers higher motion precision. The disc magnet rotor technology used in this motor is a proprietary design ensuring the uniformity of parts that the magnetic circuit design needs in order to achieve a high-precision motor.

Offering 20 full-steps per revolution, the ADM1220S motor is claimed to have unmatched sinusoidal torque. It is also fully micro-stepping compatible, resulting in a precise 160 steps per revolution. This feature gives the motor the ability to run precisely at very low speeds, resulting in a wide speed range from below 10rpm to over 6000rpm.

Across the entire speed range the motor provides an output torque of over 1mNm. Boost capabilities help to increase the torque to 4.1mNm during critical phases of the motion. Mechanical stability is assured by a large shaft diameter of 1.5mm and rear ball bearing as standard. Strong magnetic axial forces ensure that axial play on the shaft is eliminated, resulting in very low noise.

The new steppers are also available with M1.2 and M2 lead screws for precise linear motion or, alternatively, they are compatible with Minimotor gearheads of diameter 10 and 12mm. This particular motor design offers a low-cost alternative to more complex motion control systems in high-precision motion applications.

24 November 2006

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